The Latest of Many

I’m getting a little antsy because I haven’t sewn anything in about a month and a half. I keep putting up pictures of my cakes so I feel like I’ve done something useful.

I’m just getting whiny really because I’m having fun with the cake most of the time.  It does sort of feel like “ephemeral art” but I might be trying to justify it all in my head.

Having said that, working with cake this time does feel a little different.  I mean, the actual doing of it feels different than my last burst of cake activity.  I feel like I’m paying attention this time; I’m actually thinking about it real time.  I can’t really articulate it other than to say that a lot of my cake successes feel like they owe a lot to luck.  (I’m honestly not slighting myself there, I’m just a big fan of luck.) These current successes feel like they were ability or (while I hesitate to say it, maybe, talent?)

Anyway, it was a tasty cake.

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