I’m Afraid Of Paint

Yes, I’m a grown woman and I’m terrified of paint. I’ve been sewing my entire life (that I can remember) and I’m pretty fearless when it comes to fabric. I know how to fix pretty much anything that I could screw up. I know how most fabrics behave, more importantly, I know my machine like the back off my hand.

Paint… not so much. I have no idea which brush does what.  I have no idea how to mix paints so that they are the colour that I want and not just the colour in the tube.  I have no idea when to use lots of water and when to use lots of paint.

So I decided to work on my technique a little more in the hopes that it’ll translate onto fabric. This was a white peach that was tasty, tasty.  I mixed the colours from primary red, blue and yellow.  Throw in some Payne’s gray and white and it becomes the most humbling experience in a long time.  Eventually I would like to be able to replicate the colours that I see in fabric.  Practice, practice, practice (Slavik accent of course).

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