Let The Copyright Infringement Abound!

In my defense, I didn’t actually design this cake, I merely executed it for Paige, the Birthday Girl.  What Paige asked for was a dance floor with the Mario characters that you see specifically: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, and Bowser (no mention of poor, forgotten Toad).  She included a wee picture and the characters but I had no idea of what she meant by dancefloor though.

Fortunately, I’m a gamer from way back Atari Days and have logged in enough hours under the console that I hadn’t really needed the picture.  A lot of the “butt bounce” mini-games feature a DDR-like disco floor so I went with that in Color Flow icing.  I didn’t really want to do just a round cake so, since the story takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom, the mushroom shape took place really quickly.  I torted two of Joe’s Grandma’s White Cake recipes, 10″.  A little bit of carving and then filled them with Cookie’s & Cream filling.  High Test Buttercream around the outside and base (with a little more time, I would have put white dots on the mushroom cap but I procrastinated so damn long with the figures out of sheer terror.

I molded the figures out of fondant beefed up with Gum Tex and, if I had to do it again, I would start the figures days in advance so they dried properly.  I might put an armature in some next time because I’m not entirely sure that Waluigi could support his own weight.

It was all cool as long as my man Luigi made it onto the cake.  Gettin’ down with his bad self!

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