Monoprinting Play

I love screenprinting. This wasn’t screenprinting but it was close. The reason that I bring up screenprinting is because it is one of the few art forms that my perfectionism seems to leave me alone. It’s a great thing to be able to freely shrug my shoulders and have another whack at it without the Furies acting up.

I also have a tendency to get caught up in one place.  Like my brain decides that the Martha Street Studio is the only place in the ENTIRE world that I can do screenprinting.  In an effort to break that thought a liittle, I did the easiest, low-tech version that I could put together from what I had on hand.  Just to see if I would balk.  I totally didn’t (yay me!) so I’m going to try to graduate up to monoprinting on fabric.  Eventually, I’d like to do my own batik in snake-y jade greens and clear dark aquamarines.  Maybe even a few in the rich velvety reds. Yummy.

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