More Monoprinting

Playing with fabric this time. These weren’t terribly directed, I mean, I had a loose idea of what I wanted to do but I wasn’t trying to create anything for a specific use.

These are done on plain old cotton fabric with Procion MX dyes that have been dissolved into a sodium alganate gel. This project was awesome because there’s a flurry of activity at the end of it but, for the most part, there’s a ton of prep. You have to soak the cotton in soda ash solution and let it dry. You have to dissolve the alganate in water for a couple of days until it’s this gooey homogenous gel rather than chunks of gel in the bottom of a jar of water.

I’m good at prep and, by the time all the prep is done, I’m so close to finished that it’s almost easy to take the actual step into doing it. “Come on, 10 minutes and it’ll be done! You can do this for another 10 minutes.”

Truth is, I want to keep doing it but… what if it doesn’t work? What if it’s ugly? What if I’ve just wasted all of this stuff?  Yikes. So, that’s the voice that I”m trying to quiet.

So, notes for next time: take my time. This is the first time I’d used dye like this so I rushed a little. Consequently, my registration isn’t so clean. I would work on that a little more. The time factor means that I can also take a little longer actually making my impression marks and get more detail on the petals.

I’d also like to try a different brayer.  Something spongy maybe so my coverage of the acetate is a little more consistent.

AND, I want to try this dye with an actual silk screen.  The consistency is really close to Speedball ink and I think I could get some pretty clean registration with it.  I really need to work on my colours though, they dry so much lighter than they look wet, it’s something that I’m going to have to get used to.

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