I Didn’t Get It

I didn’t get the job that I interviewed for on Monday. I cried a little, funny for a job that I didn’t know existed until a relatively few days ago. I did fall in love with the place, love at first sight in its own way.

I won’t have the freedom to poke into every corner at will. I won’t be able to creep myself out with scary noises in an empty brick building.

So while I’m trying to console the part of me that’s taking it personally, I am also trying to gently remind myself that it was a personally risky job for me as they were looking for someone to care for it as they did and that usually means 18 hour workdays for me. I tell myself that, of course, I’m not unemployable and that something will come along that doesn’t make me feel like I’m choking.

And I go do the dishes.  I’m looking for comfort in an odd place but I’ve found it there before…

Besides, even if I don’t find comfort, at least I can find my sink.

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