What A Day Part 1

An exhausting day filled with cake.  Much of this work should have been done yesterday but I didn’t start until eleven at night. The equivalent of four cakes (three fondant, gulp) and I wait until eleven the night before to even bake the first one.

I doubt my sanity on most days.

The green border crosses the finish line first. First to finish but second class in order. Flowers and Cake Design.  I talk about colour theory. I talk about symmetry.  I talk about a lot of things that make me happy. Technically it was last night as I hadn’t slept yet. It was almost three in the morning though, the clock had rolled over and I was now on deadline day.

The vivid roses follow closely after a four hour nap.  Not nearly enough sleep but I figure out that first step before I leave the safe haven of my quilts and pillows and pick up my piping bag again.

The calla lilies bring up the rear around nine in the morning and hide in the dehydrator for a few hours getting ready for their big reveal.  That only leaves the real, live birthday cake that’s been sitting on my counter since the night before.

Yummy yummy buttercream in God-awful teals.  Many wee fish later and Jess (whoever you are) is a happy lady.

And that was the cake section of my day.

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