What A Day Part 2

Transfer PrintingThis bright little image represents the non-cake part of my day. Four cakes in 12 hours is too much for any one little human brain (GAL notwithstanding) so any activities tonight were going to have to fail the have-to-think-about-it test. No thought required or requested.

The technique is transfer printing and it uses plain old printer paper.  It only works on polyester and it takes for-bloody-ever to do.  Polyester melts at high temperature so the ironing required to make this thing work out has to be done at a really low heat.

I think this looks neat but if I have to be ironing for a long time, I want the hiss and the steam and that means something a little sturdier than this slippery, slide-y, creamy white softness.  Why is polyester bad again? This feels lovely.

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