Paintstiks and Exacto Blades

Barn Swallow PrintNo, that is spelled correctly.

This is the palest little barn swallow done in oil on cotton using Shiva Paintstiks (I continue to spell them Painstiks when I don’t pay attention).

They are fun. They form a skin like tomato soup across the top except you wipe it off with a paper towel instead of trying to stir it back into your bowl.  The colour slicks onto the freezer paper and I get to actually apply it to the fabric with an old toothbrush. A toothbrush, I love it.

I played with acrylics again today as well.  Making stamps out of foam, using my exacto blade like a precision weapon although I worry that I’m going to try to tuck it into my hair like I do pens. I used my best sushi platter as a palette and an old sugar bowl to hold my brush water.

I ran out to the garden to try to take a picture of a painting in the overcast filtered light but it began to rain and I had to hide my camera and my phone under my clothes to keep them dry while my braids dripped down the back of my neck.  I love my life.

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