Wandering the WAG


I was lucky enough to spend the day wandering the WAG with two of my favourite women. Twice! The 100 Masters exhibit let me see paintings by artists that I have studied with intensity, trying to decipher HOW George Reid managed to show the light in just that way.


Van Gogh’s texture absolutely terrifies me. It took everything that I had in me AND the presence of a security guard standing 6 feet away to keep from touching the bronze flower in the centre, the paint so thick for each petal.


And how does the giant red block of David Blackwood’s door not completely overwhelm this painting? My eyes kept moving.

Home from Bragg's Island

I wish that I was more comfortable working with abstract images. I want to be. Jean-Paul Riopelle said that he didn’t believe that abstract painting and the natural world were mutually exclusive. That one inspired the other and gave it emotional context. I want to adopt that.


So many plans now, so much clarity about what to do next.

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