Training For My Own Kind of Marathon


Shaky little stitches , tentative and uneven. I’m almost reconsidering my quest to undo the bad habits that two decades of self-taught hand-sewing have left me with. Over the span of a small work they aren’t noticeable but, as the size of my pieces grow, the problem continues to compound, adding unnecessary hours.

I learned from photos and diagrams the first time around; this time I headed to youtube, watching clip after clip until one showed me from the right angle and it was clear enough to try. A respectable 10 SPI but each of those inches took 5 minutes.  The stitches above are the first on a piece that will measure 36″x60″ and will be completely covered with running stitch.

By my estimation, I’ve got 2, 154 square inches left to cover… the first 6″ are the hardest, right? If I just concentrate on my form and my breathing, I’ll make it to the end.

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