Spite Can Be So Motivating

Sooooo maybe this piece was inspired by a very specific “them”, but so what? I needed to practice my rusty embroidery skills and this was as good a sentiment to immortalize in silk as any!

FullSizeRenderMy Photoshop skills are weak so I sketched out the pattern by hand. No specific font, I just stretched out and cleaned up my own block printing. Dredged up all of those drafting skills from my first run at university!

IMG_5840I was feeling an 80s vibe when I was auditioning thread against my favourite polka dots. I’ve tucked the green away for some future project.

IMG_5841Played around with the colours and patterns before I committed anything to cloth.

My satin stitch is slowly recovering but doing it in black hides a lot of sins, adding a single strand outline around each letter hides the rest of them.

IMG_6704I filled in the color with I guess a long and short stitch? Maybe? Honestly, there wasn’t a lot of structure to it, I just kept filling in stitches until I had the coverage that I wanted. I was using 2 strands so it’s a little lumpier in closeup but it works. The really high gloss thread like this is a bit of a pain to work with but worth it for the shine.

I’m happy with how it turned out though and I can honestly say that I still feel that way today so it hangs proudly on my wall now.


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