Moving Pictures.. Literally

FullSizeRender5I’m a big fan of project classes, I think they help to keep your mind energized and you never know when you’re going to learn something that you can apply somewhere else, cross-crafting is a big deal to me! I’ve taught a few classes and taken many more as a student, but the Modern Watercolour class that I took recently through Skillshare was a lot of fun and I’ve played with the technique a few times since in other paintings.

Often I’m at a loss at to what to do with my class project for technique based classes but there was an important birthday coming up and getting the TARDIS involved would make it perfect.


I’m a gifs-over-jpeg kind of girl so, rather than just over-painting a TARDIS or even adding it collage style, I decided to make it move. Because why not?! It’s essentially a combination of a slot-guided pull and a pivot and from the front, just moves in an arc channel that I cut after marking with a compass.

IMG_6821I built the mockup out of plain cardstock with the intention of reproducing it again using watercolour paper but it worked so smoothly by the time that I was done, I ended up just cutting the slits in the appropriate places and gluing the entire mechanism to the back of the painting. It worked!


IMG_6881I originally made the tab out of cardstock but, in the interests of pretty and durability, I cannibalized a prompt stick from a jarful by my worktable and called it synchronicity that it was already painted a coordinating colour.


IMG_6805I did the best that I could with the police box. I did brighten up the white bar around the top with some gouache once it was all assembled.


Getting it into the frame with the mat was a bit of a challenge, I had to pull the Dremel out and sand down the bottom edge of the stick to allow it to move without banging into the frame but… any excuse to play with the Dremel really. And here it is moving freely:

It’s funny but the thing that I’m proudest of about this project is almost invisible. I was very very careful cutting out the channel on the galaxy painting because I was shaking in my boots at the thought of screwing it up. I took the thin strip of painted paper that fell out of that shape and glued it to a piece of black paper. I positioned it as a liner so when you look at the painting straight on, the slot doesn’t stand out so much in contrast. It’s all in the details, isn’t it?

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