Good Luck On Your Journey!

The sunset postcard is probably the best watercolour landscape that I’ve ever done. I don’t generally do well with the loose or fast style of painting but I had taken a class that taught a different technique for painting gradients and it totally worked for me. I painted the postcard in the morning and in the evening, dropped it into a mailbox bound for Hong Kong. Not even an envelope for protection, just naked.

FullSizeRenderI’ve been involved with Postcrossing for a while now and, while it totally feeds my childhood stamp collecting urges, it also gives me a chance to practice letting go of my art. IMG_5518It’s not that I want to keep everything I create, I really don’t. It isn’t even that I want to keep the best ones… they’re just hard to let go knowing that I will probably never see them in person again.


IMG_5519I would like to have some level of mastery in my painting and the only way to make that happen is to paint. A lot. So, I try to think of these little studies like commissions and use them for practice.


FullSizeRender (1)Not everyone wants handmade cards and I do end up painting a wide variety of animals but practice is practice!


I’ve been fortunate so far no to have lost any of them in the mail. There is one that didn’t get photographed before mailing that was received but, to date, she hasn’t uploaded a picture of it. I call it my Lost Masterpiece. And then I laugh because PROVE ME WRONG!


From the top:
-This sunset made it safely to Hong Kong
-A mystery nebula sent to a space lover in Taiwan.
-Okay… so I have to cop to naming this one Wriggly von Pricklebutt III. I don’t name all of them but this one I did. He went to Finland.
-This one is actually called Who The Fuck Are You Looking At? and he eventually made it to Germany.
-The kitteh went to France.
-The flight/flock/herd of kites took absolutely forever to get to Kazakhstan.

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