The Wee Wee Sketchbook and the (First) Big Big Lesson

tumblr_o2lgradXE81qhderro1_1280I’ve had a long time love/hate relationship with coloured pencils. They were one of the most exciting things to be found on the school supply list but I knew I wasn’t really getting the most out of them.


02PlaceI noticed during this past February challenge though, that, when using coloured pencils, I was more focused on getting rich colour and not so much on the details of it all. Considering how wrapped up I can get into making it perfectly proportioned and positioned, it was a good change.


tumblr_o29npilwHz1qhderro1_1280I started to use the sketchbook to explore and even if the image didn’t mean much to anyone else, it hit a note for me.




The final sketch of the challenge used the word “LEAP” as a prompt. For me that means revisiting the idea of Letting Go. It was an appropriate stopping place for me as that’s something that I’ll continue to work on.


I have to admit that the discovery of the blending pencil in my coloured pencil set made an enormous difference! I’ve achieved shading like never before and I find that I’m reaching for the pencil tin more often than my ink for these little exercises.

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