More Wee Sketchbook Lessons

tumblr_o39wslaNXZ1qhderro1_1280The lesson in short: I’m getting better at working with watercolors! The secondary purpose of this little sketchbook is to give me some practice in letting go. Not everything will be a masterpiece and it shouldn’t be, I cannot be attached to any one of these pieces because it’s already another day and I have another one to do.


tumblr_o34lfbLVxp1qhderro1_1280Having said that… occasionally I stumble into producing a wee sketch that I love. One that makes me lament the cheap paper it was created on.


tumblr_o2ry75GTVQ1qhderro1_1280That happens more often with watercolors than anything else that I used, obviously because watercolor is the only one that will affect the state and shape of the paper. You learn to work with it though. There isn’t enough time to blend colors on the paper and all of the fun tricks that you can play with watercolors so there are sharper edges and less texture it seems.


I’ve found myself repeatedly returning to the combination of ink and watercolor. The detail of one enhancing the subtlety of the other. My urban cryptid is probably my favorite…


tumblr_o3faysB9RG1qhderro1_1280…but I see my own progress in the sketch of the Canadian Human Rights Museum.


I’ve actually gone and purchased a different sketchbook to use, not daily like the wee one, just for the ink and watercolor that I’m developing an affection for. The paper is thick enough to handle a little bit of wet and I can’t wait to see it slowly fill.

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