Working On Location

I’ll cop to having a big problem with this. As in, a problem doing it. People comment! On Works In Progress! But this is a skill that I want to be comfortable with so that means charging full into it with a class on sketching your life (gives me permission to try it!)

These are local landmarks that I’ve been making a point of visiting, two classic ones and one that’s newer.

VJs has been serving drive-in and walk-up customers since the late 50s. It’s close to downtown and within blocks of the arts and cultural section of the city.


The Bridge Drive-In (everyone just calls it BDI) has also been around since the late 50s. It’s built next to a bridge (hence the name) that’s only open to bicycles and pedestrians and crosses the Red River. Such good ice cream!


This is the wildest sculpture downtown in front of the Millenium Library. The top is covered with screens and there’s a constantly changing lightshow playing. It looks to me like it should shoot water or fire or glitter or something out of the top every few minutes but it doesn’t.


The results? Nobody said anything,they might have thought I was a weirdy but they kept it to themselves and that’s all I really ask for! Surprising side benefit? These sketches are, like, really far from perfect in terms of proportion and angles, that sort of thing… but I like them anyway. And for a perfectionist like me, that’s a serious accomplishment!

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