Switch It Up Style

I usually work in a much more realistic style but I wanted to play a little bit more to balance things out. Charged with finding an animal that was already cute and another that most definitely wasn’t, I gave it a shot. I found a reference for a fox, I mainly liked how they’re sitting with their front feet so prim.


The class (of course a class!) suggested a realistic reference sketch first but I opted out of that step because I know that my hands will just keep going down that realistic path so I just went straight to a more exaggerated one. It was hard to make the head that huge! I added a little more a smile too.


Kept the color fairly simple.


The second half of the project was to repeat the process with an animal that is Far From Cute. I happen to think that anglerfish are adorable just the way they are but I took a shot at it!


I did play around with different kind of eyes but I do find that I go back to the big watery kawaii eyes almost every time!


I’m unsure where these postcards will end up eventually but maybe there’s a Postcrossing member out there who just loves deepwater monstrosities full of teeth. I’m ready for you!

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