Trying For Normal Socks


I’ve always been afraid of paint. My technique has only recently come along to a point where I can use the word “technique” and not snicker. But, of course, the way past any fear like that is to charge at it as much as you’re able until, sure enough, it starts to get a little better. Or, at the very least, a little less accidental!

A Well-Aimed Typerwriter… Bag


The original assignment for my C&G course way back when was to interpret a photo using strip piecing. I was left with a 5″x12″ scrap of pieced fabric without a purpose… till I needed a new bag. I quilted the back with text from a quote that I liked and learned a little more about how NOT to construct a bag.


Just a zippered pouch with a curved bottom to a) leave a natural depression for my hand when carrying and b) facilitate the gathering of loose coinage in the corner for speedy access during checkouts.


Nice to find a purpose for the leftovers of my course!

Typewriter Keys


Originally an exercise in strip piecing, I’m turning it into a zippered bag. Making up the process as I go along. I’m sure that it would have been easier to quilt the sides before putting it all together but it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t make it fussy!

But Does It Look Like A Pierogy?

pierogytest2 pierogytest1

Just another test run for an upcoming project. I think I’ve got to go for a little more contrast between the pale ecru and the beige of the pierogy, it’s not quite right yet. The sunset fabric will work for the bacon but I’m going to have to be really fussy about placement because the big piece in the front still looks raw!

Playing With Technique


Step 1, I guess. I was messing about with random foundation piecing and scraps of fabric left over from other projects. I’ll do the quilting tomorrow and see if I want to play with more embellishment. There are a few floating bars in there that I want to emphasize. They were a surprise that sprung from sewing a layer on backwards. I wish I could say that it only happened once!

The Marathon Continues

20140103-213121.jpgThe movement is becoming more natural but my speed has only picked up marginally. Keep at it, I guess! I’m pretty sure there’s no hope of finishing it for the March 1 deadline but I’m going to keep working at it… I’m easily 10K stitches behind on my lifetime total!

Testing and Auditions

flower3 copy

I don’t think the yellow will work for gerbera daisies but it makes for one hell of a black eyed Susan! The bottom fabric is reading as a dark grey but it’s actually the leading contender as a dark mottled blue. This will end up as a postcard eventually and the search for the right daisy yellow continues.