Feminine Arts


compositionXI’m not entirely comfortable with working abstract so, for me, that means working abstract for a while. I started, as I often do, with a class.  And a painting that started as a light reflection became an examination of the ephemeral nature of my usual work and the value that is placed on my time when I’m painting compared to when I sew. On this basis alone, I would recommend the class. Continue reading


I have a love of the literal and I’ve been working hard on realism because it’s what my brain tells me equals skill or ability (not true! I know, I’m working on it). Working from reference photos or actual items has been a daily pursuit. I wanted to tweak it a little though because sometimes you just don’t have a reference, you’re trying to create a painting of something that couldn’t possibly exist. And with GISHWHES starting to crest the horizon, I need to start limbering up for doing impossible things in short times. Continue reading

More Wee Sketchbook Lessons

tumblr_o39wslaNXZ1qhderro1_1280The lesson in short: I’m getting better at working with watercolors! The secondary purpose of this little sketchbook is to give me some practice in letting go. Not everything will be a masterpiece and it shouldn’t be, I cannot be attached to any one of these pieces because it’s already another day and I have another one to do. Continue reading

Challenges and the Wee Sketchbook

tumblr_o25x5inuDI1qhderro1_1280Near the end of January, I took a short class about the practice of daily sketches. I didn’t need to be convinced of the value of that sort of discipline, I just needed some help getting started with it. I had developed the habit of choosing an item from my desk or worktable and doing a small ink sketch of it in my journal at the end of the night when I wrote down what work I managed to squeeze into the traffic of the day. I figured that it was time for another little stretch. Continue reading

Back Into the Royal Icing

IMG_8416My mother was a cake decorator, self-taught out of the backs of Wilton yearbooks. She used mostly store-bought icing because it was the seventies and she charged hard at convenience cooking. Store-bought, tub icing, for those that have never attempted, is crazy difficult to pipe with. I find it really fussy. Continue reading

Good Luck On Your Journey!

The sunset postcard is probably the best watercolour landscape that I’ve ever done. I don’t generally do well with the loose or fast style of painting but I had taken a class that taught a different technique for painting gradients and it totally worked for me. I painted the postcard in the morning and in the evening, dropped it into a mailbox bound for Hong Kong. Not even an envelope for protection, just naked. Continue reading

Moving Pictures.. Literally

FullSizeRender5I’m a big fan of project classes, I think they help to keep your mind energized and you never know when you’re going to learn something that you can apply somewhere else, cross-crafting is a big deal to me! I’ve taught a few classes and taken many more as a student, but the Modern Watercolour class that I took recently through Skillshare was a lot of fun and I’ve played with the technique a few times since in other paintings. Continue reading