A Sad Little Story About Pencils

Day 1There aren’t a lot of pictures out there of me. Not deliberately, it’s just I’m usually the one behind the camera. And I’ve only really attempted to sketch my own face once, the results so unrecognizable that I actually doubted my ability to draw humans. (Just kidding, those were pencil contour drawings from the workshop). Continue reading

Hockey Pucks and Pointy Things

If I were another person, I would say that I had gone through a printmaking phase about 10 years ago. I’ve had occasion to use the things that I learned at that time all across the board with other projects though so it never really felt like a phase. That being said, I still hadn’t been to the Martha Street Studio of the Manitoba Printmakers Association (hereby shortened to Martha Street) in many many years for anything other than watching the Under Pressure Steamroller Festival. Continue reading

Back Into the Royal Icing

IMG_8416My mother was a cake decorator, self-taught out of the backs of Wilton yearbooks. She used mostly store-bought icing because it was the seventies and she charged hard at convenience cooking. Store-bought, tub icing, for those that have never attempted, is crazy difficult to pipe with. I find it really fussy. Continue reading

But Does It Look Like A Pierogy?

pierogytest2 pierogytest1

Just another test run for an upcoming project. I think I’ve got to go for a little more contrast between the pale ecru and the beige of the pierogy, it’s not quite right yet. The sunset fabric will work for the bacon but I’m going to have to be really fussy about placement because the big piece in the front still looks raw!

Playing With Technique


Step 1, I guess. I was messing about with random foundation piecing and scraps of fabric left over from other projects. I’ll do the quilting tomorrow and see if I want to play with more embellishment. There are a few floating bars in there that I want to emphasize. They were a surprise that sprung from sewing a layer on backwards. I wish I could say that it only happened once!

The Marathon Continues

20140103-213121.jpgThe movement is becoming more natural but my speed has only picked up marginally. Keep at it, I guess! I’m pretty sure there’s no hope of finishing it for the March 1 deadline but I’m going to keep working at it… I’m easily 10K stitches behind on my lifetime total!