A Well-Aimed Typerwriter… Bag


The original assignment for my C&G course way back when was to interpret a photo using strip piecing. I was left with a 5″x12″ scrap of pieced fabric without a purpose… till I needed a new bag. I quilted the back with text from a quote that I liked and learned a little more about how NOT to construct a bag.


Just a zippered pouch with a curved bottom to a) leave a natural depression for my hand when carrying and b) facilitate the gathering of loose coinage in the corner for speedy access during checkouts.


Nice to find a purpose for the leftovers of my course!

Typewriter Keys


Originally an exercise in strip piecing, I’m turning it into a zippered bag. Making up the process as I go along. I’m sure that it would have been easier to quilt the sides before putting it all together but it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t make it fussy!