Book, Book, Book

I’m proud of this one. This started out as a pile of paper sheets and some rubber stamps.  A little bit of ribbon, a little bit of polymer clay and a feather (that was a last minute addition).

There were seven signatures in total and, when closed, it measures, I don’t know, 3 1/2″ x 5″ or so.  There are two envelopes per page and I did up 14 inserts and used India ink, a straight nib fountain pen and my very best printing (I love my writing but I have to admit that it’s unreadable).  I used regular and embossed card stock and pigment ink for the text on the inner layers.  The covers were made with mat board that I covered with a wicked red textured paper that I bought over a year ago.  They only had one sheet left for 50 cents and I had no idea why I wanted it so badly (I have as much difficulty resisting a rich red as I do a beautiful blue).

The ribbon closures weren’t the original plan but the clasp that I made was a little more rustic then I was looking for and didn’t hold the book open tightly enough when it’s fanned out.

The heart is made out of Premo polymer clay in gold.  The photo doesn’t show some of the mica shift burnishing that I did to soften the edge but it is there.

What did I write on the little notes? Wouldn’t you like to know ;D