This Little Guy

This wasn’t my own pattern or anything, just a fan project that I’m working on with a friend. It was a heritage doll pattern that they adapted and my first stab at soft sculpture in so very very long.

IMG_5590I try to be a lot more closely representational in my own work, caricatures are not my strength but taken in pieces, it came together. It all started with the eyes and I will admit that I went far overboard on the amount of colours but… hazel! They’re hazel eyes, they’re supposed to have a crazy amount of colours in them!

IMG_5608The face was very simple as is the case with most heritage dolls, but I did make the eyebrows a lot thicker than the lines that they suggested because it was necessary. The character he’s styled after has some eyebrows on him. The eyes were a simple long stitch done much like an eyelet with a French knot in the centre for the pupil. The nose and eye outline a stem stitch; and the eyebrows and mouth were satin stitched lines.

The hair took the longest just because of the sheer area to cover with long and short stitches, I marked the hairline and sideburns first and then left him looking like a medieval monk for too long while I worked on the back of his head.

IMG_6200I left the bangs and the beard till last because they really complete the face for me. I was going to add a little salt to the pepper and may yet but I want to get the clothing completed first. Not going to reveal which character he is but also not going to deny it if someone guessed.

Genevieve as Alice

Alice in the Leo Mol Forest. Trying to keep her ugly apron clean by standing on the bench.

But don’t look at her without her wig… And only in pins, not even a basting stitch in sight.

Or socks. Silly little rayon socks with lace. Never before attempted but, happily, the easiest part of the entire ensemble.


Thank Meag for letting me work with her girl.

Not My Work

This wasn’t something that I did but I’m wicked proud of it. My daughter has never sculpted in her life but asked if I could pick up a chunk of clay for her.

She sat on the couch with a pointy toothpick for a tool and made this nearly perfect little miniature head.

She’s working on a bust for it now.

I finished the back of the POGU and assembled some of the polymer bracelets with elastic.