This Little Guy

This wasn’t my own pattern or anything, just a fan project that I’m working on with a friend. It was a heritage doll pattern that they adapted and my first stab at soft sculpture in so very very long.

IMG_5590I try to be a lot more closely representational in my own work, caricatures are not my strength but taken in pieces, it came together. It all started with the eyes and I will admit that I went far overboard on the amount of colours but… hazel! They’re hazel eyes, they’re supposed to have a crazy amount of colours in them!

IMG_5608The face was very simple as is the case with most heritage dolls, but I did make the eyebrows a lot thicker than the lines that they suggested because it was necessary. The character he’s styled after has some eyebrows on him. The eyes were a simple long stitch done much like an eyelet with a French knot in the centre for the pupil. The nose and eye outline a stem stitch; and the eyebrows and mouth were satin stitched lines.

The hair took the longest just because of the sheer area to cover with long and short stitches, I marked the hairline and sideburns first and then left him looking like a medieval monk for too long while I worked on the back of his head.

IMG_6200I left the bangs and the beard till last because they really complete the face for me. I was going to add a little salt to the pepper and may yet but I want to get the clothing completed first. Not going to reveal which character he is but also not going to deny it if someone guessed.