And The Other One

I really kind of let it go with these cake boards. The other teacher had called me and laid down the law as to what they were supposed to look like. I got my nose bent out of shape and decided to go all out.

I dropped the cake boards off this afternoon and saw her boards.  They’re very traditional and, in fact, look a lot like the cakes on the cover of the workbooks.  I actually feel a little ugly right now because, while I wouldn’t really want my little scenario-from-the-other-day to come true, I am feeling a little like a bully.

I spent the better part of today in the truck taxiing people around but I did manage to sit down and take care of photographing the gum paste flowers that I’ve been working on.

I’m really bag-ged so I’m going to head to bed and try not to feel like a puppy-kicker in the morning (I’m totally game to blame the whole thing on exhaustion).

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