I Found It!

I honestly did not know that this picture still existed! I wrote about it in A Sad Little Story About Pencils and totally figured that I had thrown it out years ago. So this is the picture that I drew when I was maybe 11 that was the last picture I drew for a few decades or so.

I found it in an old Readers’ Digest World Atlas that we had kicking around the house my entire life. I went through a few old yearbooks and, yeah, that’s pretty much what he looked like!


A Sad Little Story About Pencils

Day 1There aren’t a lot of pictures out there of me. Not deliberately, it’s just I’m usually the one behind the camera. And I’ve only really attempted to sketch my own face once, the results so unrecognizable that I actually doubted my ability to draw humans. (Just kidding, those were pencil contour drawings from the workshop). Continue reading

Hockey Pucks and Pointy Things

If I were another person, I would say that I had gone through a printmaking phase about 10 years ago. I’ve had occasion to use the things that I learned at that time all across the board with other projects though so it never really felt like a phase. That being said, I still hadn’t been to the Martha Street Studio of the Manitoba Printmakers Association (hereby shortened to Martha Street) in many many years for anything other than watching the Under Pressure Steamroller Festival. Continue reading

Sweet Little Thing

Just one of my small candy paintings but I wanted to play with acrylic mediums a little more, I know nothing about them so it’s all play and learn. It always seems like I’m starting completely fresh but before long, I find there’s things that I already know how to do. Continue reading