Acrylic Cities and Pastel Prairies

I was playing with pastels and markers and acrylics today as a break after finishing Script Frenzy (Yay Me!). I needed something that didn’t involve typing or plot twists and this is what I came up with.

The actual piece is just the square on the left. The dark thing to the right is the mask and pattern that I used for the background and lines.  The lighter fuzzier city line in the middle of the page was done with pastels in different blues, purples and black. Then I used a brayer to roll full test acrylic over the pastel mask onto the background. I made it a lot darker than I intended but live and learn. I was hoping that the blue came through a little more.
I moved the mask around and used it as a pattern to make lines with a permanent black marker.  After that, I did a really watery acrylic wash in dark purple. It looks faint but that’s only because it’s seriously watered down.

The other one was done with just pastels and a torn paper mask. I was just playing with the warmer colours and seeing what I could do to make it look like a landscape.  The really dark line near the bottom is the actual mask with the remnants of all of the pastels that I crushed into it.

I think tomorrow after class I’m going to play with my sewing machine. I’ve got some quilting that I want to take care of it and a few small fabric postcards to try out.  Maybe some polymer? Has it been long enough?

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