Misspent Youth, The Technique

I would never have gone so far as to call myself a graffiti “artist” even back in the day but there is a slight chance that I may have dabbled in a little urban… decoration in my time. My (alleged) technique of choice was stencils because of the speed and precision of the image.


FullSizeRender2Putting all of those hours spent with an Exacto blade to good use for the sake of a Boba Fett cosplay commission.


IMG_5167This was done for an as-yet-to-be-revealed project. The image transfer technique that I was trying didn’t work at all (so grateful for no deadline!) so I went back to the tried-and-true for this part of the process.

I have definitely come to prefer screenprinting for a lot of my textile work but it was great to have this to fall back on as a low-tech solution when I needed it.

And there are still a lot of undecorated dumpsters in my neighborhood so it might come in handy! Allegedly.


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