Back Into the Royal Icing

IMG_8416My mother was a cake decorator, self-taught out of the backs of Wilton yearbooks. She used mostly store-bought icing because it was the seventies and she charged hard at convenience cooking. Store-bought, tub icing, for those that have never attempted, is crazy difficult to pipe with. I find it really fussy.

IMG_8436It wasn’t until I started teaching cake decorating later as an adult that I really started that love of royal icing. It fixed every problem that I ever had with buttercream. Well made royal icing pipes smoothly, is affected way less by the heat of the hands, and takes color like a dream. Those vivid reds and purples are much easier to achieve.when you don’t have to deal with any fat content soaking up the pigment!

I’m contemplating teaching again so I’m brushing up and making samples and I find experimenting with technique than I ever did when I did it every day. I haven’t even gotten to the embellishment stage yet and I’m liking what I’ve done. I think it could make for a good class.


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