Because Who Doesn’t Love To Color?

I was a conservator at a costume museum for several years and occasionally we would have the opportunity to open the large flat drawers used to store very thin items. One drawer was filled with feather fans, another filled with hair combs, etc.

2013072956171609For some of the most fragile garments, the only thing still surviving is the sequined/beaded applique that once embellished it. Sometimes even the details of what the original dress looked like have been lost in its travels to the museum.

This is a way that I preserve what remains.

41WDQ2Vy9UL._SY355_Sequins and beads and silk thread were available in every shade and hue so please feel free to download my Museum Drawer-Appliques page and color till your heart’s content. If you’d like to receive a new coloring page every month then please sign up for the Coloring Pages email list using this link or the one in the sidebar.

And don’t hesitate to send me pictures of your versions, I want to see!


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