Sweet Little Thing

Just one of my small candy paintings but I wanted to play with acrylic mediums a little more, I know nothing about them so it’s all play and learn. It always seems like I’m starting completely fresh but before long, I find there’s things that I already know how to do.

I do not have a way with a palette knife yet but I am a dab hand with a cake spatula… turns out there’s a lot of overlap when you lay your canvas flat! I’m kind of fascinated with really thick paint, intimidated by it really if I’m going to be honest. No clue how to make it happen on my canvas. I wanted to play with the chalky texture of candy necklaces so I knew I wanted to keep a matte finish on that part with the background in the usual candy high gloss.

I thickened the paint with a thick matte gel medium and tried to apply it with a thin brush, then tried to apply it in layers to build up each bead. Not working.

IMG_9998So… what do I already know how to do with liquids of that thick consistency? I know how to pipe with them. I loaded all of the white paint into a disposable piping bag with a small round tip (a number 2 for those interested!) and knocked that shit out like nothing. Seriously, it took me less than 10 minutes at that point, just a few extra minutes practicing on the saucer that I was using as a palette.

I let it dry for longer than usual (overnight) and then finished up with thinned layers of the pastel colours on a few selected beads. I still have a the piping bag full of paint, no immediate plans for it but I think there might be a playdate with it in the future.

And the varnish plan? worked out exactly like I pictured!

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